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Giraffe Classic Crane

The Giraffe Crane is the go anywhere, do anything crane- perfect for all location work. Aerospace alloys, stainless steel, sealed & self lubricating bearings make it corrosion proof & maintenance free.

Terrain & tracking wheels are interchangeable without jacking.

The Giraffe can be setup quickly, in less than 15 minutes by 3 grips.

The Giraffe has a remarkable extension range. In its smallest mode, it can track through a doorway on its lightweight swing fold tracks, yet still achieve a lens height of 11 feet. In its longest manned mode it achieves a height of 24 feet.

The Giraffe was computer designed for optimum strength to weight ratio, & was rigorously tested. The entire structure was wired with computer monitored strained gauges. The crane was loaded to 250% rated capacity, and put through a series of typical manoeuvres with absolute linear graphic results.

The Giraffe has also been independently certified to British & European safety standards, with weld acceptance to BS5135 - which is aircraft weld acceptance.

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