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Our Key Grips have years of production experience behind them giving him a well rounded view of the different working systems and styles within the film world. It also enables ZOO GRIPS to be adaptable to different working styles. He came to India to form the first Grip team in India and has set up all the equipment on offer.
Ninad Nayampally
Ninad joined ZOO GRIPS from the Highlight production team after years of experience in production and post production, he has been working as a Key Grip for the last decade.
Sumit Ghosh
Joined ZOO GRIPS in 2005 march after working as an asst. cameraman picked up very fast and started Key Gripping soon. Last 3 years he have been working on TV Commercial and Feature films as Key Grip.
Rudarveer Singh
Joined in Aug 2005, he is also well experienced in gripping graduated to a Key Grip and have been doing TV commercials and Feature films as Key Grip for the last 3 years.
Kaltin Arlappa
From lighting department he decided to join Grip department. He is been in the industry for years. He also picked up the technique and has been working as a Key Grip for the last 1 year.
Ninad, Sumit, Rudraveer, Kaltin are assisted by a team of trained Grips who are members of the team.

For the first time in India, equipment will come handled by people who are professionally trained for the equipment they are handling. This is not a team that is hampered by traditional values of "I order; someone else does"; this is a hands-on, do-it-all team that comes with no strings attached.