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ZOO GRIPS brings to India the first comprehensive Grip Company, focusing on having the right equipment as well as the right operators and offering dollies, cranes, rigging and building that allows for a camera to be operated from virtually any position.

Directors of Photography will now be able to make use of a full facility Grip package that will allow them access to a range of equipment, being operated by trained Grips, ensuring that the shot they need is the shot they get, within a safe and comfortable operating environment.

Directors will have greater flexibility to get the shot they need.

Producers, will have a smaller, more efficient crew & a safer, more fool proof working system.

ZOO GRIPS works on the principle that a piece of equipment can only do as much for you as the people who handle it are capable of. We therefore started with the strongest possible foundation: a fully trained Key Grip.

A potential Key Grip was chosen and sent to train in South Africa for 6 months before he returned to start the Company from scratch. Very quickly, the team of grips established a formidable reputation and have expanded presently to three full fledged teams, with more in the pipeline.

ZOO GRIPS have over the course of the last Six years built a reputation as dependable, high quality suppliers to the Indian film industry. The company is operating from the well maintained international class workshop where the equipment are serviced and kept as per the norms. The workshop have enough place to set up a demonstration or training session of crew and is in the process of developing into a bigger company with lot more equipment to choose from.

The company is popular with foreign productions and high quality local films because the equipment is well maintained and the crews are responsive to the needs of production and professionally responsible for the job.

Our Associates
  • Panther, Germany
  • Film Air International, Canada
  • Movietech, Germany
  • MSE Grips, USA
  • Giant Asian Robots, Malaysia
  • Cine Equipment, Singapore
  • Flight head, Amsterdam
  • Technocrane, Chekoslovakia

International Films ZOO GRIPS have worked

Feature Films

I-max / I-works (large format) films

  • The Taj produced by Bharath Bala Productions
  • Kingdom of Tiger directed by Bruce Neibaur
  • Mystic India directed by Keith Melton, produced by Swaminarayan Trust, Ahmedabad
35 MM Feature Films
  • Bourne Supremacy India Schedule in Goa
  • Maya by Digvijay Sing, produced by Kundalini Pictures
  • Guru by Daisy Von Scherler Mayer
  • Bride & Prejudice directed by Gurinder Chadda
  • Mistress of Spices directed by Paul Mayenda Berges
  • Vanityfair Indian Schedule directed by Meera Nair
  • Namesake Indian Schedule directed by Meera Nair
  • Christmas in India by India Take One
  • The Thread by India Take One directed by Mahesh Mathai
  • Curse of the King Tut
  • Searching for Sara
  • Marigold
  • Hypercondriac
  • Hotel of Dreams - India the Heart of Tiger.
  • Kal ho na ho by Nikhil Advani, Ekalavya
  • Dil Chahta Hai & Laksh directed by Farhan Akhtar
  • Bluffmaster, Mahatma & Gandhi
  • Bombil & Betrayal
TV Commercials

Absolute Vodka by Ivan Zacharias, BBC ONE Bollywood by Andy Margetson, Ford Galaxy by Daniel Barber, Kenwood, Nomad by Christian Lyngbye, The Observer by Garth Jennings, Sure Oxygen by Zodoc Nova, Sony by Joe Frizell, Typhoo Tea by Traktar, Replay Jeans by Michael Havssman, British Telecom Jon Greenlogh, Wrigleys Chewing gum by Siraj Jhaveri, UPS by Chris Hartwill, Castrol Magnatec by Peter Bloomfield, Renault by Jeff Startk. And hundreds of Indian TV commercials with almost all production houses in India.